24 September 2012

little gem's

Yesterday was my last opertunity to go fishing for a fortnight, so i made good use of the afternoon and nipped of to the "mossy stone burn" for a few hours. I've fished this burn from a young age and it hasn't changed much in that time, whenever i visit here it feels like stepping back in time, back to being a boy again.

I have fond childhood memory's of catching minnows from this very pool which we called Contentibus, reason being that that was the name of an old farm in the area i think.

the trout havent changed either, each one of them a colourful little gem and a joy to catch

The banks are heavily overgrown making casting a challenge in places, it was satisfying when a tricky cast resulted in a trout slamming into the big stimulator, equally annoying when a fluffed  cast resulted in a tree branch! 

theres something man made about this waterfall, a sign of an industrial past? 

one on the klink

time was moving on but i kept on saying to myself, just one more pool! another hour of fun passed before i thought i better negotiate my way back downstream to the car.

ideally i would like to get dropped off  and spend the day working my way upstream, then get picked up at the other end. No time for that now this season but something to look forward to next year. 

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