2 June 2011

Back log of fishing trips

Tuesday daytime
A visit to the river of trollies , was full of expectancy, clearer water etc, but unfortunately the hatch was slow to get going and the water was still a bit dirty . The wooly bugger was the saviour of the day ., a couple lost on comparaduns was all i could get in the way of "insect" action.

Of recent my local water has been fishing poorly, but the spate seems to have breathed life in the water and stirred up the fish the only problem is it's still carrying colour. A visit on Tuesday night (yes the evening after fishig the trollie river),provided sport with the dry and between 20-30 wee trout fell for the  big dirty polly, and comparadun. Later as the night went on i tried a huge chernobyll ant on a size 10 2x longshank , and still the had a go at it!

Thursday night

A hot day for a change , kind of tired but headed for the troutstream for 7pm, the water still coloured, i set up newzealand style with a goldhead harelug with a pinch of pearl through it's body. A few decent fish succumed to the nymph.

As the night went on a few fish fell for the dry, but in lesser pools. most of the pools were dead. It became aparent at 10pm . i'd been following another angler up the river. Sloppy seconds! I guess with river fishing becoming more popular , it's a thing we just have to get used too.