4 August 2012

a day at the wrasses

I picked Col up at the back of eight this morning, we were in high spirits and looking forward to the days fishing ahead. But first we needed bait and spent a sweaty hour or so digging some lug before heading up the fife coast to our chosen mark. It  takes an age to get anywhere along the fife coastal route so best to allow plenty of time, we stopped on the way  for some juice and couldnt resist a hot roll too when we were in the shop, Col went for the black pudding , i had the link sausage! just the ticket after digging the lug.

Not being familiar with the mark we headed to a likely looking rocky outcrop and set up with the float gear, and  soon after i had the first fish of the day, small but welcome!

I caught a couple of  nice wrasse after that before  leaving the rock  as we were in danger of getting cut of by the tide.

we mucked about a bit before finding another suitable rock to fish from, and when we did Col was soon in on the action landing his first ever ballan wrasse, result!

 loads more of these characterfull fish followed throughout the afternoon , nothing huge but great fun on the float tackle.

we were having so much fun that we failed to notice that we had been cut off  a wee bit by the tide and had to get wet to reach the shore, oops! 

A  lady was sitting on the shoreline watching our daft antics and  kindly offered to make us a cup of tea as she was staying in one of the shoreline properties, a nice slice of cake each too, result! back home a wee bit on the wet side but happy with our days fishing.