26 October 2012

Half an Hour at the Basin

It feels  really cold today , snow doesnt seem far away! Don't know what sort of winter we are in for but being this cold so early on makes me think we are not going to get away lightly.

Ive got predators on the brain at the moment, coppery/ bronze ones that live off deep rock ledges , the accomodation is booked, the OS map ordered ,  even looking into back up tackle. But for now it is a distant fantasy, so with the dogs eyes  begging for a walk , I  decided to kill two birds with one stone and go and feed my addiction. Grabbing the rod, reel  a few flies forceps  scissors wire etc,it wasnt long before i was  setting up on the canal bank at my favourite basin.
 I started with a pink fly, had a follow from a curious jack pike which shadowed the fly then had a look at me and dissapeared. A few more casts covering the entirety of the basin  proved fruitless , i then changed to a flash fly , but , in my eyes they were a bit small as they had lost a few fibres from previous encounters, so it was on with a chartreuse fly and first cast i was into a small jack . Feeling the cold i decided to call it a day there and then. Must stop being lazy and fantasising about distant trips. I really need to tie for whats required now!