10 October 2012

some simple grayling flies

With some grayling fishing on the cards soon I've been stocking up the box with a few of my favourite flies for this time of year, like most of my fly tying these days i tend to keep it as simple as possible.

It's not unusual to find Grayling smutting on small black flies at this time of year so a suitable imitation in black such as a klink is a useful pattern to have in the box

the grayling were smutting in this pool on a very low and clear river

rather than the heavy bugging associated with grayling fishing in the depths of winter, a nz set up with a wire nymph suspended below a big klink can be good, pink or plain tungsten beads have their day.

 Ive started using coq de leon for the tail rather than pheasant tail as its more durable

a nice autumn grayling

a simple shrimp pattern  in grey with a wee bit of glister is another one for the box

a  fine October day on a grayling stream