18 April 2014

Gale force trout

It was blowing a hoolie today , wasn't  sure what river to fish  but settled on my local as i thought it would be more sheltered. First thing to do was walk my dog , and thats when i get my first glance of the river it was looking at a good height though the wind was hitting it , the wood pecker was busy drumming on the telegraph pole , looking to attract a mate.

  It wasn't to bad down in the river valley , i walked downstream a while doing so could not help myself  having a shot at the odd riser .

The main hatch has been getting underway of late till about 2pm  so i waited till then and fished my way back upstream . Surprisingly it was a fairly sparse hatch today though it wasn't as warm day  and perhaps the wind worked against me but i managed around a dozen trout , and a even a few after the brief hatch on the nymph  ,its niceto see some trout starting to look "mint" condition.

starting to feel things are getting there now , and im sure it will only be a few weeks away before we get a much longer day fishing , which is nice , usually find a few fish as early as 11am  with even the prospect of finding a few evening risers.