5 May 2014

The curse of the new Bonnet!

Sunday saw me drowning my sorrows on my local trout stream after losing a nice trout on the Saturday   , the spate of bad luck is all down to my new bonnet of course!   I headed down to the lower beats to fish through a almost continuous ravine of cliff faces hemmed in and   canopied by trees with the occasional relic from a industrial past evident , i love this sort of litter , it just gives the place character  . Initially my bad luck seemed to continue from the Saturday when I managed to get myself in position  for a trout in difficult lie very short fast smooth run , lots of drag with a upstream reach cast required . All went well till I set the hook then surprise , surprise , he got off  my hooks seem to be made of rubber at the moment.
Off the rails!
A cart from the old claymine 

The hatch started to build and amongst the olives was a good number of olive uprights my favourite hatch of the year by a mile , a few brook duns too,  as well as the expected large dark olives , and terrestrials too in the form of black gnats there every where just now, and it was nice to finally find plenty fish on the fin, and plenty insects , made the fishing more enjoyable , and it was just a matter of picking them off with a shucked cdc .

As I was making my way upstream my pace slowed in a big flat where I've come across some really spooky trout in the past , they lie in the slack on the far side , usually mopping up stuff in the the slack , I took the lowest fish, just a wee half pounder, then focused on the next just 10 yards or so upstream . For once the hook stuck and a nice yellae belly launched himself into the air, my legs were trembling with my recent run of luck , but eventually he tired and I was relieved when I slipped the net under him.

Golden brown

The rest of the day continued in the same vain , the hatch dying out just after 4 pm . I Just hope the curse of the new bonnet has been lifted?