5 July 2011

searching for mojo!

My trout radar, has become a bit tired recently, thats why ive been doing a bit alternative species fishing.Not good considering i have some excellent fishing opportunities next week in the Yorkshire Dales. I needed to try and get a appetite for it again.

So it was to my local water, in the most inacessible parts (for the time of night, ie not much folk want to be stuck in a ravine  at 11pm at night) , i just needed to escape from the threats of neddery , i just wanted a trouble free fishing day, soltitude was   priority tonight.

Well i got my wish i didnt see anyone else all night. I started  with a size 12 Dirty Polly, hooked a fish but he threw the hook, so i headed upstream and to be honest i wasnt doing that well, putting down a fair number of fish. I did though get into my stride eventually when i sized down  to a 14, the fishing became remarkably  easy-ish . Fishing other waters that often demand bigger flies can throw you off.
The nymph though didnt get a look in. The wooly bugger in the otherhand was , the highlight (or lowlight) of the night   was almost pulled off with a wooly bugger when a big  fish followed it to my feet, i reckon between 3-4lb and my hunch is a brownie rather than a seatrout. Next time!!!
1 1/4 lb

As the darkness began to creep in i upped my fly size to a 12 , that worked for a while and when it got dark proper a size 10 did the job. A good nights sport plenty trout , in spanking condition and a lot of fight about them. Ive got my va va voom back!
Dry-fly Action at Dusk

Roach in the sun


The dog needed walking the sun was high in the sky, so i grabbed a few hours. Roach a plenty were in there shoals, the nymph scored well.

I really enjoy fishing for them , i think there a worthy quarry for the fly fisher.