31 May 2014

the evening rise

Thursday night i was back on the river to fish into the gloaming, arriving at around 7.30 i killed some time  before the main event got under way by covering the odd riser in the tail of a pool, i  also tried some faster water where i rose a couple but missed them both. It got to the back of nine and thoughts began to come into my head that perhaps the evening rise wouldn't come to much, certainly there was no sign of any risers in the spot that i had fished successfully on an evening last week,  there was a slight wind hitting that pool which maybe didn't help right enough, so i ventured down stream looking for some risers and found some towards the tail of a big flat sheltered pool.

as the sun went down the trout really came on the feed,  i  put on a shucked cdc and was soon into my first trout of the night.

i didn't need to move as there was so many trout rising in front of me

it was great fishing, i landed a good few before having to call it a night with a 5am start the next again morning .

best of the night

i've started to tie up some of the traditional night time flees for the river, i hope to give them a try one night when i can stay out for longer.
crow and silver

magpie tail