20 July 2015

Ballans in the Borders in technicolor

Last weekend myself Brian and Scott, headed down to St Abbs head. Myself and Brian's intention was to catch some wrasse, whilst Scott was doing his best to add to his yearly target of 50 saltwater species by trying for a dragonet .
As Scott arrived I had just lost a fish to the kelp  on the first cast on a gulp sand worm which was intercepted on the drop , I suspect it was a decent pollack. A good few coal fish were landed after that then it went quiet until after low water.

I found a gully with a narrow patch of sand sourounded by kelp beds that caught my eye so had a go on the incoming tide , and started getting what I thought were wrasse bites and sure enough I eventually hooked up with a nice little ballan , I gave Brian a shout to get the net when he netted him for me. A beautiful wee fish .

Well before you know it I had Scott on my right side and Brian on my my left muscling there way in on my "wrasse hole" , and it didn't take long for Brian to get a nice wrasse .
combat fishing!

Brian's wrasse

I then followed it up with another, whilst Brian went in search of his own wrasse hole, where he lost a decent fish .

The last wrasse I had was a real brute, or a "rock donkey" as Scott called it.

this guys definitely been flossing .

I was over the moon a new pb for me , don't know the weights but it
 Was a nice one. Unfortunately Scott's didn't encounter any of the wrasse a couple of cheeky wee sea scorpions seemed all out to ruin his chances. After that wee retreated to the harbour where Scott got a single flounder Brian a coalfish and a few sea scorpions , but it wasn't on its best form.

The following week Me and Brian went down for more. Another lovely day but this time we fished a falling tide.
Brian was first into a wrasse a nice stamp too!

 Next i managed this dark  old warrior from my wrassehole.

 Brian then returned to a wrassehole he lost a fish in the previous week . And it proved really fruitful.not only producing another two very fine wrasse but also a couple of nice cod.

what a bruiser!

Brian was delighted with this surprise kelpie! 

 Brians second  cod took a a gulp! sandworm.

Fantastic light tackle sport cant get enough of it just now!