1 September 2013

a peacefull afternoon on the grayling burn followed by a night at the hospital!

  Yesterday afternoon I  decided to fish a burn which contains a healthy population of grayling as well as trout, it can be a tricky one to get right with clarity often not that great. The pool I started on is a deep one and pleasingly there was a couple of risers going steady in the head.

the cdc & elk did the trick with a nice pounder coming to hand followed by his smaller pal, a good start.

in this pool fish were smutting, I rummaged about in my fly boxes and found a wee klink to put on.

after missing a couple of fish I hooked a cracking trout which gave me a great fight on my wee six footer.

this is one of my favourite grayling pools and there was a fish smutting under the tree

 it turned out to be a trout and a good one too!
I worked my way upstream taking the a few more trout but surprisingly no Grayling today

got home around six to find out that my wife was up at A&E with a nasty cut on her head after falling of her bike, unbelievably about five minutes later my sons friend was at the door to tell me that Jamie had fallen of some rocks up at the park, another nasty head wound and a trip to A&E, ended up spending the night in the kids ward until he got the all clear this morning, wife and son are on the mend now!