1 May 2013

Woodland Seasonal colours.

Yesterday afternoon it was a rare lovely day , so i decided to fish my local , things didn't get underway till 2pm so i took some pictures of some bank side colour to kill time.
wood anemone


The fishing was distinctly average  , the hatch quite poor for the time of year, though i manged to catch or prick what few fish were actively surface feeding. They varied in colouration  from sombre muted tones through to heavily spotted leopards .

The nymph also worked its magic in the slacker side of the runs , were definitely moving in the right direction.
speaking of nymphs i met one of the river managers who was out doing a kick sample , the riverbed is heaving with nymphs just waiting for things to warm up , looking good for the weeks ahead although these things have got a bit of a habit of hatching in big numbers when the rivers a wee bit too coloured to fish.
on the nymph