9 May 2014

time out on the forgotten burn

The last couple of Friday evenings i've been exploring a little burn near by what with only having a couple of hours to spare before picking up my daughter from youth club, despite its locality its a stream i had never fished before so was keen to find out what it contained if anything! anticipation grew as i could hear it gushing in the valley below before i set my eyes on it, a clamber down a heavily wooded banking soon revealed a fast flowing little burn which was running with a little bit of colour from recent rain. 

It runs through an attractive country estate but there were still some signs that this little burn once had a more industrial past, with stone walls and man made waterfalls, i'm sure there was a mill on this stream at one time. Those days are now long gone and nature has once again taken over with moss, overhanging trees and woodland foliage.

  inbetween  fast broken water i found the odd pool 

the glister bug was the fly of choice in the murky water,  after a few missed takes on the way upstream one of the resident trout stuck

this evening was a similar story to last friday, with the burn running slightly higher with the downpour last night.

a catapult cast is all that was needed  most of the time,  i get a lot of  pleasure each time i use my Burns built rod

a bridge going back to nature

another wee fella

 a really enjoyable couple of evenings on a forgotten burn, i'm looking forward to fishing it again, could be a regular friday thing.