22 September 2012

silver and gold

This morning didn't start very well, i was as usual totally unorganised for my fishing trip, first i couldn't find one of my rods, searching everywhere in the house before finding it hidden underneath some other rods in the same place that it usually is! and then there was my camera which i hadn't lost but the battery needed charged, eventually after a lot of grumpiness i got my  gear loaded into the car before heading north. I decided to fish a lovely stream that i hadn't fished for two or three years now and  picked up my permit before heading to my favourite stretch.

There's a parking spot near the river but on arrival i noticed another car was already parked there, damn! i fished one or two normaly good pools close by without a touch,not a good sign, there was no way i was going to waste my day fishing water that had possibly been fished already so i decided to cut my losses. I jumped back into the car and travelled to the river Col was fishing earlier on in the week.

The first pool i fished  has been kind to me on my visits this season and today was no different.

The klinkhammer dipped and i struck into a weighty fish which shot of downstream and cleared the water two or three times just to add to the excitment! i kept him in check and soon had a long lean fish of 2lb 10oz in the net, im not so sure it's a trout though, a wee salmon?

   i worked my way upstream taking a fish here and there, including this fighting fit pounder which had a very unusual lower jaw

 a usualy fairly dour pool produced a lovely golden pound and a halfer on the klink

followed by another nicely marked trout of similar size, again on the klink

shades of autumn 

 1lb 4oz on the klink again, there was a decent enough hatch today

 a fine day to be on the river

the last trout before walking back to the car at the back of six, a tiring but enjoyable day.