12 June 2012

An evening on Chernobyll burn

The burn was surprisingly running quite clear, i thought it would have been a bit higher and coloured wih the  heavy rain we had at the weekend . Nothing though stirred nor hardly surprising really , as there was no hatch  of any sort just a blizzard of midge flying low over the water. There must be a backlog of BWO nymphs waiting for the rivers to get to the appropriate temperatures to hatch .

I mainly fished blind , apart from the very odd riser, first fish was  good pounder  took the usual a klinkhammer,   there was only another 4-5 fish caught the rest of the evening this one i caught on a elk hair cadd iswas a two tone he had a light side and a dark side.maybe from lying in a spot where the sun would catch him at one side ?

it's darker side
 Shortly after landing it i cast , at that that moment a strange  furrow came through the water , i thought must have spooked a big trout but then it porpoised on the surface , it was a otter, i half expected it to surface again between my legs but that was the last i seen of him. A magical sight. I thought that might be the end of the fishing but a couple more trout obliged before calling it a night at 9:30pm .

Really need the hotter temperatures now , weeks and weeks of north easterlies are taking there toll spring weather is still here but the springs menu has practicly run dry .