22 May 2014

roaming in the gloaming

When i arrived on the river at the back of seven last night it was a perfectly still evening,  i could see spinners in the air and there was the odd riser to be seen,  it was still quite bright so i fished some streamy water first with the klink/nymph duo and took a small trout before walking downstream towards a favourite pool of mine, before i got there i got chatting to a bailiff on the river who was out checking for permits, he was a mine of information knowing the river like the back of his hand, we talked about many things including night time fishing and also the rivers pike , sounds like it could be worth trying for them with the fly rods some time.

a nice evening for a balloon trip

 as the sun began to set the trout began to rise in good numbers

 i was getting a good response from the trout with the shucked cdc and the little black deer hair fly i was using last Sunday,  missing a lot of fish but landing a few as well.

they fought really hard in the gloaming

with the best of the rise over and an early start in the morning i reluctantly had to leave, after talking to the bailiff i could see myself trying a proper night time session when i don't have to work the next again morning.