4 January 2013

Trotting on the Tay

Today we decided  to do a bit trotting, and headed to the mighty Tay, we thought it might be a good bet with river levels still being high in most areas, and sure enough it was high but clear. We picked different swims , and pretty much stuck to them, first to put in appearance were the out of season trout and a few were pretty muckle , the sort of fish you would cherish in season  and on the fly but we were after grayling.

The grayling though were proving elusive , though we both lost fish , and they could have been grayling, it was though a lovely day , quite warm in the sun , so warm in fact my maggots in my bait pouch were changing to casters.

Eventually though i did manage  a couple of modest grayling  one male and one female.

  Brian lost  a grayling in the gloaming just before we called it a day.
An enjoyable day , one thing i really must get though is a centre-pin reel for this type  of fishing every year i say i will and never do, it would make the trotting experience more pleasurable .