28 September 2013

Flatties , falling in , and other bad luck.

I decided to take this week off (apart from Tuesday). Monday i decided to have a go for flounder so tried Portobello beach, got there for low tide , the sea was flat and it turned out to be hard going , just a couple of flounder and a few nibbles i suspect were coalfish.
I mentally marked the features such as gullies and concentrated my baits there when they had fully flooded. It wasn't the most productive flattie session though, but i think that had a lot to do with lack of movement on the baits in the tide.
A gullie etched  in the memory bank for when the tide comes in
Wednesday saw me down my local for the afternoon after i had walked the dog the river looked great , there was plenty fish on the feed too, and the fishing was really productive.

Flies with a touch of glister were really effective, in all i must have landed around 50 trout and lost many more, nothing exceptional a few around and just over the pound. Unfortunately i took a tumble in one pool falling forward and filling my waders , and drowning my camera in the process.

Thursday i never really got going till 4pm when i grabbed the gear and went for the pike , the canal was full of floating blanket type weed and every cast came back with some , there was a patch that was clear and i took 3 jacks from it , no pics the camera still drying out.

On Friday i found my camera working again which i was happy about, and i headed down the local again for 2pm .

 On arrival the river appeared busy with quite  a few anglers, so i left them some water to fish  and found a un-fished  quiet stretch. the fishing was much  the same as the Wednesday, but at one pool i hooked into a monster , but unfortunately it threw the nymph , don't know if it was a big brown or a coloured sea trout , must've been between 3-4 lb. Slightly disappointed but on the whole i went home fairly  contented with my lot.

 not long now till the end of the season hopefully get a trip or two in yet?