5 June 2013

Lean pickings in the highlands

Went back up to the highland stream hoping it mightbe a bit more on. Still very slow but i think the main reason for lack of sport had far more to do with the lack of flow, really needs rain as the hatch looked quite promising today.some lovely plants on show including globe flower , a indicator species the sign of fertility in the area.

And some i dont know , but very cool.
birds foot trefoil
To the fishing , hard work , tried lots of methods in differant  pools to try and get a response , had a good spell late on in then day, taking several trout including this bizarre looking "spotless trout"
That was followed by a nice 2 lber that fought really hard.
You can see by his head some fodder he coughed up a couple of parr and some gadgers (stonefly nymph)
After that in the next pool i saw a rise form at the head of the pool, i decided to cover it with a big klinkhammer , he ignored it for the first few casts   , but eventually took it, a good trout , perhaps 3lb , all was going well then the hook came out! och well , cant win them all!
If the rain falls in this region there should be some excellent sport to be had on this stream .