19 June 2011

In the Glen of Troutquility

Saturday 19th

Nothing was planned for the weekend until, Brian phoned me at about 9:30am , he was planning a day on a highland stream , quickly ok'ing it with the wife she allowed me to go! Result! Another visit to the Glen, it was dry when we left so i didn't bother with the jacket, half way down the road though it started pouring down, then thankfully by the time we arrived it was all but a spit or two. We walked  downstream to our starting point, the river very low and crystal clear ,It was about 1pm before we  started fishing. the typical NZ style is good here, it's not the sort of river that you see a lot of rising fish , tends to be a bring'em up or nymph'em type river.

Theres a pool where we have never caught trout , it looks great, always does . Today was the day.
First cast to the very last signs of the bubble line produced a nice pounder to the nymph, they don't half fight hard!

 Further up the pool i missed a take to the klink then i broke off in another, then at the very head of the pool i stuck on a g and h sedge to try and "stimulate" a fish in to taking in the fast water., Another pounder obliged.
We kind of started to get a feel for it and although we felt the trout were not really on , we were doing not bad. Fast water was a place for the big dries, and although many pockets were empty.
G&H sedge
A big pool that's been good to us in the past , produced a fish for Brian 1lb 6oz,here's a video of the action.

A fine fish . This next one took a nymph in a turbulent lie hung under   a big stimulator. One of the rivers  signature brownies beautifully marked . 

Loads of water to cover yet before we got to the car, so we were optimistic. A heavy shower came on, i was beginning to regret not bringing the jacket   , but the wet was quickly forgotten when i hooked into a nice trout.
The fight was short lived as he did what many better trout do , he'd wrapped himself. A long trout that went 1 lb 120z.

Still a few pools to go we missed out some water, we hadn't the time, another banker pool, Brian took one wee fish from a spot, then almost whipped one of the smallest trouts in the river into another stream whilst striking. Then he got another good fish! Seems birds of a feather don't always flock together.

1 1/4 lb

One last pool to fish , a good one at that ! But only produced the one fish to Brian's mammoth stimulator.

We finished up at 6:30 pm , it had been a grand day fishing.