26 March 2015

Another fine March day

I returned to the same river i fished last week , it was a frosty start to the day , didnt get to the river till 12:30pm  and the hatch of olives was underway a little after 1pm ,the hatch though not particularly heavy at any stage of the day flies were still to be seen till around 4pm and trout rose here and there  . A lot of missed and dropped fish, but still had a lot of fun .

A few pics:

21 March 2015

The trout seasons here at Last

The new season has finally arrived , first day was on the Sunday , where me and Brian decided to try out the local burns.
Brian Casting from a log jam
The first burn we fished was slow going only producing one wee trout for myself to a wire nymph , so after giving it a fair go , we tried another couple before agreeing that they just hadn't woken up yet. There was a hand full of few large dark olives hatching on the last burn we tried but nothing seemed interested.
On Wednesday i had a day off so had a go on a local river , unlike the weekend it was quite a nice day with virtually no wind , the sun even made a appearance in the afternoon .

I timed my visit to coincide with the hatch , which i was hoping was better than upstream on the burns on opening day. And whilst walking downstream a riser caught my eye . I wasted no time and as i was pulling line of my reel i noticed it wasn't just the one fish , but about 5 or 6 fish . some a bit further upstream.
I put on a shucked cdc and brought a wee trout to hand , pricked the next , the was a lovely fish which gave a good account of himself, no monster but great condition for the time of the year.
still fish rose further up the pool and i took another 3 this time on a brown biot klink.
It's great that the trout fishing has once again opened it's doors , can't wait to get out again next week.