26 March 2015

Another fine March day

I returned to the same river i fished last week , it was a frosty start to the day , didnt get to the river till 12:30pm  and the hatch of olives was underway a little after 1pm ,the hatch though not particularly heavy at any stage of the day flies were still to be seen till around 4pm and trout rose here and there  . A lot of missed and dropped fish, but still had a lot of fun .

A few pics:


  1. Good to see you get amongst the trout Col, the one in the pic looks a nice one.

    1. Cheers Brian, seems there's some lovely Browns about just now.

  2. Col - simply lovely! It's nice to see flowers and beautiful browns again. We are still waiting for the land to wake up and throw off it's snowy blanket.

  3. I'm glad the spring has finally arrived Mark , snows forecast for tomorrow here too , hope it doesn't hang around too long.