8 September 2013

the season's moving on

 September has arrived and with it she brings cooler mornings and shorter nights, the feeling that summer has gone for another year and the realisation that their is only one month to go until the end of the trout season. The highland stream we fished yesterday had that back end feel about it, although it was a nice enough day the blustery winds had battered the trees and the side streams were filling with leaves, another month or so and the  river will be full of them.

Unfortunately the overnight rain had made no impact on the rivers height, still down to its bones, Some usually good pools lacked the pace needed to bring them to life but some pools are always fast and deep enough to hold trout  and we picked up trout from these places.

 there was hardly a riser to be seen all day, a few had a go for my dry but I missed them all! the nymph took all our trout.

were always hoping for that better than average trout that this stream produces and today Col got his reward with a fine golden trout from a favourite pool of his.

 the river was far from its best today, it could really have been doing with some extra water in it but it was a fine day to be out anyway, might be next season now before the next visit I'm looking forward to it already.


a night at the Prawns

Went to Burntisland on Friday  to try my new sabpolo hooks and i also as well as the power isome i had some raw prawn to try for bait.

Unforunately there was a bit colour in the water , and i feel my intented target , wrasse dont seem to feed as well in such conditions. I stsrted round the front on the breakwater but it got windy and uncomfortable in the strenghthening easterly , so i headed for the harbour where ive had wrasse as well. First drop down with the prawn i had a few nice fat coalies.

this was followed buy some smaller coalies and loads of tiny codling  .

Then the extras from  sponge bob square pants started making an appearance.
common blenny

butter fish


long spined sea scorpion

so that was my lot, decided to pack in when the rain came on . lots of fun on light gear ,was hoping for a Ballan wrasse , maybe ill get one next trip just hope for clearer  seas.