1 January 2013

on coarse for the new year

Yesterday we went to Eliburn reservoir for a spot of coarse fishing to end the year, Col got of to a good start with a nice Ide

After a wee while with no further bites we decided to move to a deeper swim and  settled down for the afternoon. The fishing was very slow but we were entertained by a kingfisher on the opposite bank which was having more success than us by the look of it. if the fish weren't showing any interest in our maggots a cheeky wee Robin certainly was!

 he was well fed for the rest of the afternoon

Col changed his shotting so the hook bait was taking longer to reach the bottom, this seemed to work and we started to get a fish or two.
a wee Perch to save the blank for me

a good sized Roach for Col

a wee Bream


the beautiful Roach are my favourite silverfish

I hooked into something which felt quite big near the end of the afternoon, it was taking line from the reel and staying deep,  i never got a glimpse of it before the size 20 hook sprang back at me, never mind! 
All the best for the new year.