15 September 2012

Flattie Bashing in Fife

Back on our favourite Flounder beach we arrived at 8:30am just before low tide . Once the tide changed the bites started to come thick and fast a quickly we were getting plenty fish.

The wind got up a few hours into fishing , and sport  slowed so we decided on a move , but that proved fruitless so we went back to our usual spot and again we started getting fish again.
Double shot

 Bites were hard to detect in the wind , regular checks were required to see if anything had taken the fish baits. One bite that was noticeable though was a thump on my rod followed by a slack line , i reeled in felt the fish saw it jump and thought i was into a bass, but no it turned out to be a seatrout!

After that as the tide came in we knew in our hearts time was up despite it being 2 hours till high tide, for some reason it seems to stop producing once the water gets so high up the beach.

So our tally was 17 flounder and a single seatrout . We kept 3 flounders from our catch today , brian kindly donated his catch, and tonight i had a flounder feast of Southern fried flounder gougons, and Flounder in a lemon and black crushed pepper breadcrumb gougons. It was delicious!