31 August 2015

A wee change

It's had been weeks since I had last picked up a fly rod with all the sea fishing of late, but after reading George's blog it put me in the mood for a river trip. So the other Sunday I went for an afternoon on the Clyde where I was hoping to pick up a grayling or two as well as the trout.

I set up with a big klink and a couple of little tungsten nymphs suspended below and began to search a fast streamy pool where I often fish in the winter months. This proved to work quite well with a few modest trout and three good Grayling for the afternoon, hopefully won't be long until I'm back on the river again.

Yesterday Col and I decided on a float tube trip to Lubnaig in search of some Perch with the LRF gear.

It turned out to be a bit of a disaster for me as when I started to set up at the lochside I found out that I had picked up the wrong rod back at the house, it was the one I broke in Orkney instead of its new replacement, what an idiot! So I ended up having to fish away with about a foot missing from the tip which was far from satisfactory, never mind. Col was doing well fishing a pinky white tipsy worm on a jig head, secret seemed to be to cast out let it hit the bottom and give it the odd twitch, not really doing too much, no monsters but some nice perch up to about a pound. As you can see in the pic below a change over to a shad worked well too.

I managed a few on my broken rod but nothing like the numbers Col was tempting

They did seem to get a bit more difficult to locate as the afternoon went on, maybe they wise up?

Thinking about it today I can't wait to go back for another go with the right rod next time! Need to put in a wee order to AGM for some of those lures.