7 April 2013

Back down the Ditch

I was intending on fishing a different river today, but by the time I'd walked the dog , I was a bit pushed for time, and a bit concerned I could miss the hatch, so I kept it local and ended up fishing the burn I fished with Brian last weekend. the sun was out with a light westerly today and as I sat stringing up the rod the woodpecker drummed a chorus , and before long olives started to float down the ditch. No risers in sight though  , I had to go looking for the first fish, which came blind to the trusty biot Klinkhammer.                      

It wasn't long though before I  found a riser or two and although I caught a few , it would also be fair to say I put down a few and missed a few as well, they seemed so much more edgier in the bright conditions.

of the fish I caught, only one fell to the nymph all the rest to a dry.

Heading further upstream I came to the end of the main river, and continued up a tributary we recced on the Sunday. Not much happening but I got to one big pool and a riser was going steady, I waded up slowly into casting position and cast my fly to him when all hell broke loose as he thrashed on the surface then unfortunately  went round a rock and shredded the tippet. looked like  really good fish, especially for a wee burn.
The beasts lair

,Moving on up there was a riser on in a strange place in the extreme tail of a pool or in the head of the other hard to decide , after a few duff casts I finally got the presentation right and hooked this yellow stunner, just under the pound.

It had been a great way to spend a few hours and I will be back to try the upper burn again , a few demons to put to bed there. Need a fresh venue for my next trip, dying to give the big rod a wiggle.