18 October 2012

The Seaside Town that they Forgot to Close Down.

The title comes from the Morrissey track "everyday is like Sunday" . But when i hear that song it always reminds me of Portobello. i'm not saying for a minute Portobello is a dump, but it definitely feels like it's stuck in a time warp i remeber it 20 years ago when i first arrived and a lot of it hasnt really  changed , particularly the tacky amusement arcade , you could imagine in time of the "Great British Holiday" that this place would be packed. It's got character and i do like it in a funny sort of way.

 So it was Portobello today for another spot of flounder fishing. Admitedly Flounder fishing was not going to be my first choice, but the rain over the last few days has been relentless,scuppering plans for any hopes of a grayling. Still , i'm glad i did have a option. I arrived just before lowtide and was setup and fishing before it turned.
As it shows in the photo above it was a lovely day , and i was overdressed . One rod i setup with a 2oz lead and the other a 3oz , i would have setup both with 2oz leads , but i didnt pack any , kind of caught unaware that the sea was going to be so flat , a wee note to myself for next time. More 2oz  leads! The sport was good from the off with some good sized chunky flounders.
Then after the first hour i couldnt get a bite. I moved a few times . Then saw  a few gullys that looked like they would produce when the tide comes in , noting there position with the buildings behind. And sure enough the sport came good again.
 The bites were quite noticeable today and i only deep hooked one flounder out of the nine i caught. Returned them all , had a steak pie in the fridge for dinner. another beach ticked off the list , it's a good one and i'll return soon.