11 August 2013

mackerel & mullet

We headed down to the popular east Lothian bass mark yesterday with the thought of targeting a few different species, first of all we had a go for the bass with the fly rods, not much happening to be honest so after a couple of hours flogging away without a touch we decided enough was enough and moved to another spot near by. We set up our lrf rods to see what was about, hoping for wrasse I guess, first cast with the drop shot rig and cols wee tronix  buckled over with a hard fighting mackerel, soon I was in on the action too, it was a mackerel every chuck,  a switch over to the fly rods was fun with a few more before we had to move with the incoming tide.    

 after our brief  mackie bash we went back down to the bass mark, but this time to try for another fish on the to do list....  mullet. Once we wangled our way into the hot spot  I introduced some mashed up bread and sardines to try and get them on the feed and  encouragingly it didn't take long for a few to start showing. Hooking them was a different story, we fished with chubber style floats and most of the time we found ourselves striking into thin air, exciting though! I  lost a couple and was beginning to think it wasn't going to be my day when eventually one stuck, not big but I was pleased with my first ever mullet.

  Col was having an equally frustrating time but perseverance finally paid of for him and he got his reward too just before calling it a day, I could see this mullet fishing being quite addictive, don't think it'll be too long before we have another go for them.