21 May 2012

Trailer trashing day 2

Woke up  7:30 am eased into the morning , went and bought our dinner, a indian to accompany the champions league final that was on tv later in the night. Then we went and done a recce on a loch eyeing up some pikey spots for a possible tubing trip later on in the season, then returned for some bacon rolls at the caravan to set us up for the day .

On this day we made a trip to one of my favourite rivers. We were  tackled up and  on it's banks by midday, the weather was a big improvement fronm the day before, and sure enough there was the odd sporadic riser from the offset.

It took us a bit to get into our stride  ,  but before long we had  a fish or two , i then pricked a good fish after struggling to find a suitable pattern.  

We started taking fish steady ,then whilst covering a riser , another angler started walking downstream but despite asking him to stay away from the waters edge he put down my fish walking high on the edge of the  high banks.  I guess the worst thing you can see on a river is other anglers. We then met his friend who told us he had been through all the pools . luckily though we found the lesser pools were  very productive , the bigger pools however were strangely quiet and this is where i suspect they had concentrated there efforts .

On one lesser pool we managed several fish i spotted a  huge fish only after spooking it otherwise i would have put it down as a submerged log, in retrospect it may have been a salmon?

Having missed a good few quality fish eventually one managed to stick, a nice fish  1 1/2 lb which fought really hard , (actually i think i would struggle to find harder fighting fish anywhere), fell to Brian's  rod  a fish that was sipping away on emerging olives.

the strike!!

Then another 1 1/2 lb er for me .
A couple of pools after that i hooked  a fish if i'm honest i didnt see it take , just found it attached, it immediately ran upstream taking line , we both wondedred what i'd hooked, perhaps a salmon? We decided to follow it upstream , so i got along side it where i tried to get into the side and eventually it jammed it's self under a rock. there was nothing i could do, so i asked Brian if he could grab it out from under the rock, in which he said if it gets off it's my fault. He got his hands on it then it stuggled  it then it broke the tippet. nevermind , i feel i didnt really deserve it in anycase, a fluke more than anything, but i'm told it was a fat short fish guestimated in a round the 2.5lb mark.

We fished on finding some rising fish.
But eventually we had to call it a day, the fishing had been brilliant!
Home just in time for the second half of the Chelsea v Bayern champions league , and a lamb Bhuna and a beer to accompany it, a great day all round!