12 May 2013

down the local this weekend

With no car this weekend Col and I spent Saturday afternoon on my local river. We had a strong downstream wind to contend with and not a lot of fly on the water to begin with, so we walked upstream in search of some risers taking in some of the wild flowers along the way.

red campion

dead nettle Lamium purpureum

after an hour or so the hatch seemed to get underway proper and we started to pick up trout here and there,

 olive uprights were on the menu today with the odd  brook dun too, in some pools they were coming down in there droves.

 the shucked cdc was working its magic taking the lions share of the fish

Col spotted a what he described as a wolf of a trout on the near bank of a particularly ugly pool next to a scrap yard. Once in position the shuck cdc was drifted over him and the wolf was on!

he was a fine two pounder

pentaglottis sempervirens

a few more  followed to end a good day.....

.....and this afternoon I was back for more! although the hatch wasn't as good as yesterday a  few nice trout  fell mainly to the shucked cdc. All in all not a bad weekend and right on my door step.

Ransoms wood garlic