21 March 2012

Oh naw!

wood anenome's

Went down to my local , a beautiful day , virtually t shirt weather, ive never known a March like it. The river it's self was still carrying a fair bit colour though and was fairly high. So i was looking for shallow flats , as this seems to be the best bet in these  conditions. On my first pool on the way downstream i came across a riser, decided to have a shot for it before heading further downstream, was a fairly nice fish.

Heading further downstream i few other big flats  found and managed a few other trout all in the 3/4lb mark, and in spanking condition.
  I then took this photo,as you can see it was low down by the water , i never realised my camera case was trailing  in the drink and then i put my camera back in it's case ...doh!

Kind of soured the day though a few more trout were caught i really wanted to get back home and attempt to dry out the camera. Im not sure of it's fate at this moment fingers crossed! As they say though sh*t  happens.