5 May 2011

searching for monsters.

 April 16th
Me and my pal Brian arrived at our chosen river at 12pm, it was cloudy but fairly mild we walked the banks looking for a riser and eventually found one, and there was another 30 yards upstream rising regularly too. The fly in question March browns theres no better hatch too get the big fellaes rising!

I watched my target fish , unfortunately he was very mobile covering a huge area and rarely rising twice in the same spot. He'd slide up and down the pool then away off to the right. He then rose near me , and i assumed i'd put him down by lining him so i let brian pass by and go for the trout further upstream, but to my surprise he was rising again, he then came close by rising once then in the same spot bulging sub surface then the next fly coming downstream was my fly, a March brown emerger .  He took it confidently and after a good scrap i eventually brought him to the net , he went 4 lb on the dot.

 i was delighted and after a few snaps he was returned to fight another day . Unfortunately upstream the other big fellae had stopped rising so we continued looking for a riser for Brian, eventually finding one but unfortunately putting it down. risers were few and far between so we turned back and walking downstream Brian spotted a riser in the faster flow of the pool so we walked way downstream and acessed the pool from he tail where we saw a big fish rising his back coming out of the water, but the downstream breeze made things difficult and again the fish got the better of us , he was a belter maybe 5-6lb+?  I headed downstream to look for a fish (i didnt find any) despite an epic hatch of March browns, and moments later Brian swaggered downstream  , and i knew! Ive seen this look a few times now, he 'd caught that fish he'd saw rise in the faster flow, here it is 3lb 8oz!

A wee video of my leaping trout.