27 June 2012

Cats and Dogs

 I feel i should be making the most of evening fishing , but on all but a few occasions this season ive felt uninspired to do so, the reason being that it's just been too cold for evening  fly hatches. Well at long last the muggy conditions have arrived, so i left the house at 6pm to fish my local, which was still falling from a big spate , when i left there was light rain i didnt even bother about a jacket. 
as the water was big i put on a large klink and at the shallow head of the first pool i took four fish , the best the first at 1 1/4lb.

Ater that the rain came on and then a monsoon was upon me. I upped the fly size again put on a Longshank Stimulator , and still the fish came, i then tried a bugger but it didn't work and somewhere in the fly change i lost my stimulator so had to rake for another suitable fly, in the end i settled for a big thick winged dirty polly, and it took the bulk of my fish n the evening, eventually the rain subsided but i was soaked through and it was now cold . 

Before calling it a night i checked in on the pond to see if any fish activity , young Keiron had set up for the night after one of the elusive carp. Unfortunately i'd dropped my last wooly bugger so had to use a nymph , perch was the target , and they never let you down as small as they are. After a blether with Keiron, i made it home for 10:15pm.