28 June 2015

Going for a Tumble

Another catch up . Went down to Dunbar harbour a few weeks ago.
low water 

Started in the rock pools at low tide managed a wee sea lss scorpion on a 0.9g jig head and lure combo.
After failing to find anyother  real decent rock pools and just about killing myself on the wet sea weed coverd rocks i went round to the harbour . there i caught some micro plaice , some flounder and some coalfish and some sea scorpions , unfortunately the innere harbour was a bit muddied so didnt produce.
a little plaice on a pink  crazy river cruel leech 
isome and chebarushka worked for this lss scorpion
Scott gets amongst the coalies

The next day Scott invited me for a tour of st Abbs Head. I was fair excited about the prospects , Scott was straight into the coalfish on some wee metals , there a good average size too. He also did quite well with the Pollock on them , in fact he had 3 nice pollack through out the course of the day and they gave a really good account of themselves on the light gear.

This pollack wolfed down a  june bug stick worm
I was keen to get my first wrasse of the year . And after us getting some taps , one stuck he took a dropshotted  6" gulp! sandworm .

I lost a fish shortly after that i suspect was a bigger wrasse?

The swell increased as the tide came in and we decided to move to another mark not before taking on a untested mark which not only didnt produce as it was very snaggy it caused us a bit problems getting back up, with crumbling sandstone and loose soil, but ventually we were back on terra firma .
More details on scotts blog here .

After trying there we had a go in the harbour we had a few flounder before heading to Starney bay .
Scott intercepts a departing flounder at the mouth 

cruel leech strikes again

 There the fishing was really slow then all of a sudden it kicked off , Scott managed another two pollack the last one gave us a fantastic visual fighting display in thecrystal clear water , i had a flouder and released a nice cod as i tried to get it to the landing area  , looks like it would be  good one for the fly rod as you can easily get in a backcast.

The man with 3 pollacks

savage gear psycho sprats worked well 
A big thanks to scott for the tour , really enjoyed it , its a awesome spot.