21 April 2013

C'mon the fish

First visit of the season  to another local river today, i decided to try a bit ive seen before but never wet a line, so it was a fair walk downstream  from where i accessed the river. When I got to the pool embeded in my memory i tackled up, and there was a trout rising in the tail of the pool. There was a strong downstream wind so i got level with the riser and he obliged, just a wee fat trout taken on a brown biot  klink.

I then went downstream as the pool below also looked good and there was another riser , closer inspection revealed to be two fish .
 Again i got level took the near one which was the better of the two then surprisingly the commotion of playing the first fish   never put the other fish down so i managed to catch it aswell.

 Another two fish took in similar circumstances on my way back upstream , before i ran out of rising fish so decided to look at a tributary. i was a bit overgunned with a 9ft rod but a few small trout took my glister bug in the deeper slower pools.

It had been a interesting few hours , but i do wish things would move on a bit ,the few fish that are rising are still in the weakest flows , it's high time they moved into the runs, i'm expecting by next weekend more rivers will come to life.