14 June 2013

Back on my Old Stomping Ground

Ive been a bit lacking enthusiasm of late, so this evening i decided to do something a bit differant or atleast it felt like it, i decided on my old stomping ground , been a good while since i wet a line on this part of the river, and the memories lived up to expectation .

The river was low and the stones ,covered in  slimy slippy green  algae as we have not had any rain for several weeks now, the air thick with  spinners and midge. But in the early part of the evening the nymph ruled supreme , the deeper pocket water and runs producing the best sport, the first fish i hooked got off as it embedded my tippet in a clump of algae , pretty much a lesson from the off, "play them hard"!  But after that i got into the groove.

  there was the odd fish that fell for the dry too.
 But the nymph was definitely more effective.

     As the evening  wore on and more risers became more evident i decided to try a  rusty spinner , and i did the trick taking a few more  trout before calling it a night at 9:30 pm.

it was greatfishing this stretch again , must do it again befor ethe seasons out , till then i fancy a change of scene , perhaps pike or pehaps a trip to a beach?