3 April 2013

Seek and you will Find

Still quite cold , top temperatures have been 6 degrees C as the cold easterly continues to blow.  I found myself sitting by my local stream at 2pm today. I don't think i missed anything as the flies started to go downstream, i sat by my  favourite pool for five minutes or so , usually at this time of year you find the tail of the pool has rising fish but despite a decent hatch not a fin stirred. I decided to head upstream realising that minute by minute time was passing by and as the hatches can be short lived went to look for a riser. I passed about 6 long slow pools which you might normally bank on but still not a sausage. Was it the sunshine putting them off, had the cold nights made them lethargic?

For some reason i decided to head back down to where i started   . I looked downstream and there in the tail of the pool a fish was rising intercepting    every Dun that floated in its patch. i got almost level with it and after a couple of short falling casts , he nailed my brown biot klink. He fought like a demon. what a toothy critter!

That was my lot for the day, i never thought i'd be in for such a grueller ,the fish just didn't seem  in the mood to feed today.