23 March 2014

an afternoon on the Boag burn

The burn I cut my teeth on as a boy is known locally as the Boag,  here many a happy hour was spent after school and at the weekends fishing for it's pretty little brownies, firstly with the worm before progressing to the fly rod. These days I all to often overlook it's charms in favour of other waters with bigger trout and today was going to be no different. I intended to spend the afternoon on another burn in the area but found it running quite high with questionable clarity, after trying a few its normally productive pools without a touch decided to up sticks and head for the Boag instead.

   i was pleased to see the water clarity was good on the Boag as i was a little worried it might still be murky after last weeks rain.

its always a good confidence booster to when that first trout is landed, this one took a glister bug.

 the journey upstream took me through a tunnel

i picked up a few trout on the brown wire nymph

 a public footpath follows much of the burn upstream, a lot of dog walkers today, i was about to fish this pool before i was joined by two golden retrievers who bounded through it to see what i was up too!

the most public stretch of the burn wasn't that productive to be honest so i made haste through it until i was away from the path. 

a nice pool away from the path

 sport picked up again with another couple of trout to end an enjoyable afternoon on my old stomping ground, think next time i'll avoid the most public stretch altogether and get of the beaten track further upstream.