20 March 2013

These boots are made for Wading!

This is a first on Streamside diary, but i thought I'd do a  review on one of my favourite  angling purchases  . I must state  ,I have no links to the company  and this is my own experience with the product (others may vary).

A couple of years ago. I decided to bite the bullet and spend a bit more money on wading boots , after yet another pair of boots disintegrated whilst wading  a    highland stream . Up until then it was not unusual for  me to go through 2" cheap" pairs of wading boots in a six and a half  month trout season, usually of the felt sole variety. so i decided to look for vibram soled boots, soles which i like on ordinary walking boots.  First i looked at Simms, then a bit googling i came up with these.
Orvis clearwater II with the eco-trax sole. I can't speak highly enough of them , there comfortable, give support and they can take a beating. After   almost 2 busy seasons fishing rocky  rivers , float-tubing , visits to the sea , winter grayling fishing, they are still going strong even the replaceable studs are almost untouched. Yes there is a few signs of wear but much less than expected. i would expect to get a good few more months out of them possibly another season but they owe me nothing.

Orvis have updated this boot marginally so you can find this boot currently in their sale outlet  at a good price , just under £100 they are a real bargain giving there  longevity  . Ive decided to buy another pair ,  before they disapear they are best wading boots I've ever had though ive no doubt there other vibram soled boots will also be good . One thing id recommend is to get 1-2 sizes bigger than shoe size to accommodate for the stocking foot.