28 August 2015

Wrasse-holes: An Itch that Needs to be Scratched

About a fortnight ago myself and Brian had a trip to St Abbs Head in search of wrasse, once again. First thing to do though before heading down was too dig some rag .  There we were meeting  Dan  . Dan was already there when we arrived just after lowtide.He hadnt had a sniff off a fish , and i did seem quiet or the first wee while before we started getting the odd coalfish and then the wrasse started to bite!
First wrasse of the day.

Whilst Brian was playing the first wrasse of the day , Dan connected with a pollack . He also took a flounder shortly after .

I lost what i think was a decent pollock  before getting my first wrasse of the day . After that the wrasse came thick and fast.


The swell on the day was pretty big and it wasnt long before we were forced off that particular spot . so we tried drier spots . I once again found the wrasse and shouted the lads over where we caught another succession of plump wrasse.

Brian also had a nice cod , seems he's becoming a light gear  cod specialist.

Whilst sitting comfortably enjoying the banter of the day , the swell crashed over the rock giving us a soaking , i took the brunt of it being nearest to the open sea  , and that was our lot for the day , we were fairly contented , it had been a great days fishing.