8 September 2014

september smutting

After being tormented by a shoal of Mullet down at Torness last weekend  i was all set to have another try for them on Saturday morning, i had a couple of loafs and some sardines ready to go but was forgetting Ruth had to work in the morning so it would have to be a bit of trout fishing in the afternoon instead. I noticed that my fly boxes were getting fairly depleted on my last trip out so I dug my fly tying stuff out of the cupboard to tie up one or two wire nymphs and a few smut patterns, I'm ashamed to say that my fly tying stuff is all over the place, I'm needing to get it tided up so materials are easier to find!

So in the afternoon I decided to nip through to the Clyde, I walked downstream a good distance from the car to a big pool that I  last fished in the springtime, stopping at one or two familiar pools on the way, I rose a couple from these pools but didn't waste to much time as I thought I would have time to fish them on the way back up.

bank side poppies

Once I was down at the big pool I was encouraged to see a few risers and quickly took a trout of a pound on the nymph,  a change over to a smut pattern to cover a tiny dimple rise of what I assumed was a grayling turned out to be a good  trout which wasn't happy at all about being hooked, going airborne when I struck.

1lb 12oz

A switch over to the nymph again to fish the head brought another pounder before I made my way upstream again, I covered a few risers unsuccessfully on the way back  to the car but with time getting on was happy enough with my three trout for the afternoon.

Sunday afternoon I managed to get out again, this time I stayed local and fished one of the burns which was a little on the low side for my liking.

the fishing wasn't easy but switching between the klink/nymph duo for the faster water and smut patterns for any risers brought me one or two nice trout and a few fish lost.

one on the nymph
i was being watched!

this one fell to a smut pattern
its supposed  to be another dry week so it doesn't look like the rivers are going to get a top up any time soon, main goal this week is to get my fly tying stuff into some kind of order, i might have a go for the mullet again next weekend if the weather and tides are suitable but if not i'll be just as happy on a river bank.