22 April 2013

home and away

Or maybe that should have been away and home,  on Saturday I took a gamble and headed north to a highland stream hoping that it would have warmed up enough to stir the trout into action,  it was a nice day but the river was very low and the water was cold, to be fair the water in this river feels cold at the best of times!  I worked my way up my usual stretch but nothing was happening, no flies hatching and no trout rising, it was an enjoyable day out but same as last Saturday I ended my day fishless. I'll give it another month before a return visit when hopefully the lovely trout from this stream will be on the feed.

a low and cold river

So yesterday with the afternoon free I walked the short distance from my house down to my local river to find a good hatch of olives just getting under way, soon I saw my first riser about six feet in front of me and landed a fat wee trout on the biot klink. Upstream I found a pod of three trout rising together and took 2 of them, one on the klink the other on the shuck cdc.

 the banks are covered in butterbur

next up a big flat pool with two trout rising, one in the main flow the other in a difficult position under some overhanging bushes, the downstream wind made life difficult but I managed to get close enough to cover them in between gusts, after a few casts I took the fish in the main flow, a pounder

 and then his pal under the bushes, a nice golden fish, both took the shuck cdc



by now the hatch had petered out so I switched to a nz set up and took another couple on the nymph to round of a good afternoon.