14 April 2013

a burn slowly coming to life

After another blank yesterday on a river further afield,  I was pleased to have the afternoon to fish somewhere closer to home. A bit of rain this morning and quite gusty too so I sought a bit of shelter on one of the local burns. The first one I looked at runs through a public park so  access is easy and not too demanding on my legs, unfortunately the rain in the morning was enough to colour it up so on to plan B. I knew this burn would be clear enough but being that wee bit higher up it sometimes takes a while to get going, a  bit more difficult to navigate too but well worth the effort.

 I started on this pool
 and got of to a good start taking a nice trout on the brown wire nymph
I thought I might get a few more as I worked my way up through some nice pools but it was slow, still I was happy taking it all in 
a side stream enters the burn
bankside primulas, a sure fire sign of spring
perseverance paid of and I took another on the nymph
hooking another before the sweaty walk back down to the car, another few weeks and all the pools will be active, something to look forward to.