25 November 2013

A Dose of the Trots.

On saturday me and Brian went west for a shot at the grayling. Despite having trotted for grayling many times , it was the first time i'd   done it  properly  with a centrepin reel, Brian on the otherhand has a good few years experience using his, so i was in good hands for any advice or help i would need.
When we arrived  just before 8am it was just light enough to see what we were doing and once tackled up we were trotting.

It didn't take long for Brian to bring the first grayling and then the second and third and the odd out of season trout  to hand, before i too got into some of the action, after a few initial teething problems i started to get the hang of it.

The sport tailed off an hour or so in , so we searched elsewhere in vain , before returning again, if anything the walk was a good opportunity to get the blood circulating again in our feet, in fact we regularly took breaks just to warm up , we were joined by a wee robin , looking for free food , he even had the brass neck to attempt to take maggots from my bait apron .

 We went on to take a few more grayling, the sport  seemed to come on in spells.

It had been a nice day on the river, and i now feel i little more competent with the centrepin, thanks Brian.