29 September 2013

A day on the Burns

Felt like a cast with the wee rod today so decided on a burn i had yet to wet a line on this season, known locally as the yellow burn . Its just a short stroll from the grayling burn so i intended  to give that some attention at some point too.

The  water was low the fish incredibly spooky and it was difficult to get close to any fish without emptying the pool of scared trout. The broken water was the best bet , otherwise it was a case of doing the best i could with a long leader on the flat flow- less pools but the odds were definitely in the trouts favour.
A yellow trout from the yellow burn
  Here and there a few little trout were caught .
 After a few hours on this burn i headed for the grayling burn. On arrival  it appeared low and coloured and apart from a few dropped fish on the first few pools , i felt it wasn't going to produce , so I decided to head downstream to where the main tributary joins it and fish above a couple of large pools. 

Finding these pools to access from the path proved difficult but i finally found the river after clambering my way through some dense undergrowth . The water looked great , but it was really quite dour, it came as no surprise though as this stretch does have a reputation as being poor.
I fished away and it came as a bit of a shock when i finally hooked into a fish.
It continued being really quite poor until suddenly the fishing picked up. In one particular pool i picked up around five  browns  , maybe grouping up for spawning?
The last pool of the day produced the best fish .
last pool

It had been a tough days fishing , but what great weather we are still experiencing, long may it continue.

Hangover cure

I hadn't really gave it much thought where I would be fishing this weekend, added to that I wasn't feeling particularly lively yesterday morning with a bit of a hangover to be honest. When I eventually got myself going I decided that somewhere local would suit fine so in the end I had a look at the grayling burn.

It was a fine afternoon, perhaps not for fishing with the bright sunshine, but days like these are numbered now so it was nice to fish in short sleeves again before the cooler temperatures kick in. The pool I start of on nearly always produces a trout and today was no different when an acrobatic pounder managed to shed the dirty polly from its jaws.  I continued on my way upstream fishing some normally productive pools without a touch, with very little fly life on the water there wasn't a riser to be seen, then in the head of a shaded pool the dirty polly shot under and I struck into to a weighty trout which had taken the glister nymph.

I never got another touch after that but was contented taking in the early autumn  colours.

hawthorn leaves

I fished up to a pool not to far from where the car was parked so at that point decided to up sticks and take a look at another burn not to far away.

Being heavily tree lined this burn offers more shade, and from the off the trout were in taking mood

 a couple of hours passed as I worked my way up a small section of this beautiful wee burn

 it had been a great afternoon and better still my hangover had well and truly gone!

28 September 2013

Flatties , falling in , and other bad luck.

I decided to take this week off (apart from Tuesday). Monday i decided to have a go for flounder so tried Portobello beach, got there for low tide , the sea was flat and it turned out to be hard going , just a couple of flounder and a few nibbles i suspect were coalfish.
I mentally marked the features such as gullies and concentrated my baits there when they had fully flooded. It wasn't the most productive flattie session though, but i think that had a lot to do with lack of movement on the baits in the tide.
A gullie etched  in the memory bank for when the tide comes in
Wednesday saw me down my local for the afternoon after i had walked the dog the river looked great , there was plenty fish on the feed too, and the fishing was really productive.

Flies with a touch of glister were really effective, in all i must have landed around 50 trout and lost many more, nothing exceptional a few around and just over the pound. Unfortunately i took a tumble in one pool falling forward and filling my waders , and drowning my camera in the process.

Thursday i never really got going till 4pm when i grabbed the gear and went for the pike , the canal was full of floating blanket type weed and every cast came back with some , there was a patch that was clear and i took 3 jacks from it , no pics the camera still drying out.

On Friday i found my camera working again which i was happy about, and i headed down the local again for 2pm .

 On arrival the river appeared busy with quite  a few anglers, so i left them some water to fish  and found a un-fished  quiet stretch. the fishing was much  the same as the Wednesday, but at one pool i hooked into a monster , but unfortunately it threw the nymph , don't know if it was a big brown or a coloured sea trout , must've been between 3-4 lb. Slightly disappointed but on the whole i went home fairly  contented with my lot.

 not long now till the end of the season hopefully get a trip or two in yet?

22 September 2013

A borders burn, bridges and brown trout

It would be a great shame if we didn't cast a line on this lovely borders burn all season, and with time rapidly running out as this stream closes at the end of September we took our chance yesterday.

From the car we walked down to where the burn enters the main river where we bumped into a fellow angler setting up his double hander for a crack at the salmon. He didn't seem to fancy our chances too much on the burn as he thought it was now devoid of trout and grayling, a shadow of what it used to be twenty years ago etc etc!. We listened politely before continuing on our way, not in the slightest bit worried about his assessment of the burn as having fished it a couple of times in recent years we knew that it is absolutely stuffed with trout, not sure about the grayling  population  mind you not having encountered any on our previous visits, maybe that's what he meant ?

 From the off it was clear we were in for an action packed day with most pools producing several takes both to the dry and nymph from the small but eager trout.

one of many bridges on this stretch
mint of some sort?

I said to Col early on that a pound trout would be a fine goal for the day, the pounder was proving to be elusive however amongst the numerous wee trout, but late in the afternoon Col shouted from a pool above me and I could see him playing a good fish which cleared the air during battle, the pounder we had been after and a what a handsome trout he was too!

speaking of elusive fish I hooked what felt like a slightly better than average trout  compared what I had been catching up to that point, as I drew the fish closer I could see that it wasn't a trout after all, but a nice wee grayling at last!

its a shame this stream isn't open during  the winter months for the grayling as it would make a nice wintertime venue.

15 September 2013

the inbetween days

With the end of the season a little under a month away now there's a sense of urgency to enjoy what's left of it, but at the same time thoughts are beginning to think of Grayling in the months ahead, and with that in mind Col and I fished a burn yesterday which contains both trout and grayling.

Water clarity didn't look great with some recent rain so we set up with the ever reliable glister bug suspended below a big dirty polly.

 the glister bug did the trick in the first pool taking a couple of trout and relieving any concerns about the water clarity.

 we worked our way upstream taking turns which is a relaxing way to fish, plenty of time to take in the bankside surroundings.

a few trout were landed, both on the nymph and the dry with many more missed

jumbo minnows were also keen to have a nibble at the Glister bug, this burn seems to be full of them.

I suspect one or two risers that I missed were Grayling and Col definitely lost a good Grayling on the nymph right at the net, still its good to know that their about, hopefully they'll start to show in bigger numbers in the cooler months ahead.

8 September 2013

the season's moving on

 September has arrived and with it she brings cooler mornings and shorter nights, the feeling that summer has gone for another year and the realisation that their is only one month to go until the end of the trout season. The highland stream we fished yesterday had that back end feel about it, although it was a nice enough day the blustery winds had battered the trees and the side streams were filling with leaves, another month or so and the  river will be full of them.

Unfortunately the overnight rain had made no impact on the rivers height, still down to its bones, Some usually good pools lacked the pace needed to bring them to life but some pools are always fast and deep enough to hold trout  and we picked up trout from these places.

 there was hardly a riser to be seen all day, a few had a go for my dry but I missed them all! the nymph took all our trout.

were always hoping for that better than average trout that this stream produces and today Col got his reward with a fine golden trout from a favourite pool of his.

 the river was far from its best today, it could really have been doing with some extra water in it but it was a fine day to be out anyway, might be next season now before the next visit I'm looking forward to it already.


a night at the Prawns

Went to Burntisland on Friday  to try my new sabpolo hooks and i also as well as the power isome i had some raw prawn to try for bait.

Unforunately there was a bit colour in the water , and i feel my intented target , wrasse dont seem to feed as well in such conditions. I stsrted round the front on the breakwater but it got windy and uncomfortable in the strenghthening easterly , so i headed for the harbour where ive had wrasse as well. First drop down with the prawn i had a few nice fat coalies.

this was followed buy some smaller coalies and loads of tiny codling  .

Then the extras from  sponge bob square pants started making an appearance.
common blenny

butter fish


long spined sea scorpion

so that was my lot, decided to pack in when the rain came on . lots of fun on light gear ,was hoping for a Ballan wrasse , maybe ill get one next trip just hope for clearer  seas.