29 September 2013

Hangover cure

I hadn't really gave it much thought where I would be fishing this weekend, added to that I wasn't feeling particularly lively yesterday morning with a bit of a hangover to be honest. When I eventually got myself going I decided that somewhere local would suit fine so in the end I had a look at the grayling burn.

It was a fine afternoon, perhaps not for fishing with the bright sunshine, but days like these are numbered now so it was nice to fish in short sleeves again before the cooler temperatures kick in. The pool I start of on nearly always produces a trout and today was no different when an acrobatic pounder managed to shed the dirty polly from its jaws.  I continued on my way upstream fishing some normally productive pools without a touch, with very little fly life on the water there wasn't a riser to be seen, then in the head of a shaded pool the dirty polly shot under and I struck into to a weighty trout which had taken the glister nymph.

I never got another touch after that but was contented taking in the early autumn  colours.

hawthorn leaves

I fished up to a pool not to far from where the car was parked so at that point decided to up sticks and take a look at another burn not to far away.

Being heavily tree lined this burn offers more shade, and from the off the trout were in taking mood

 a couple of hours passed as I worked my way up a small section of this beautiful wee burn

 it had been a great afternoon and better still my hangover had well and truly gone!


  1. That's any right chunky trout from the grayling burn , I was up there today , it wasn't playing ball. Nice pics like the bottom one.

  2. aye its a difficult burn to catch just right Col, think its needing a bit more water in it.