29 September 2013

A day on the Burns

Felt like a cast with the wee rod today so decided on a burn i had yet to wet a line on this season, known locally as the yellow burn . Its just a short stroll from the grayling burn so i intended  to give that some attention at some point too.

The  water was low the fish incredibly spooky and it was difficult to get close to any fish without emptying the pool of scared trout. The broken water was the best bet , otherwise it was a case of doing the best i could with a long leader on the flat flow- less pools but the odds were definitely in the trouts favour.
A yellow trout from the yellow burn
  Here and there a few little trout were caught .
 After a few hours on this burn i headed for the grayling burn. On arrival  it appeared low and coloured and apart from a few dropped fish on the first few pools , i felt it wasn't going to produce , so I decided to head downstream to where the main tributary joins it and fish above a couple of large pools. 

Finding these pools to access from the path proved difficult but i finally found the river after clambering my way through some dense undergrowth . The water looked great , but it was really quite dour, it came as no surprise though as this stretch does have a reputation as being poor.
I fished away and it came as a bit of a shock when i finally hooked into a fish.
It continued being really quite poor until suddenly the fishing picked up. In one particular pool i picked up around five  browns  , maybe grouping up for spawning?
The last pool of the day produced the best fish .
last pool

It had been a tough days fishing , but what great weather we are still experiencing, long may it continue.


  1. Wonderful report.
    The fish are all special, especially the last.

  2. Thanks Alan, can't agree more.