30 September 2012

the sound of the Suburbs

Went to a wee burn on the outskirts of Livingstone, it flows through parkland by housing estates and in parts through heath-land . When i first laid eyes on the water i thought i'd made a bad decision, as there appeared to be quite a bit extra water in, but there was enough clarity, so itwas a day of fishing the slack water at the edges behind boulders etc, my flies i picked were the stimulator and good old glister bug.
My fears were put to bed when my stimulator dipped as a fish nailed the glister bug.

It was a reoccuring theme throughout the afternoon, with plenty modest sized brownies from this magic wooded burn.

As the afternoon wore on there seemed to be a bit more interest to the stimulator. Why that should be ive no idea .

This will be my last trip to the burns for almost six months with the close season looming. Good to finish on a positive note.