7 October 2015

3 days in Skye

On the 24th of September we made what has become  our annual pilgrimage to the Isle of Skye. We stayed in the caravans down by Uig pier not the most scenic place in Skye but it did the job.

On the first day we went to Staffin , the forecast was 19mph westerlies but it seemed to swing round from the north and be a bit stringer at times than forecast. however we did manage to fish , i started off with the fly rod as did Brian caught lots of small Pollock the best maybe going 2lb , but the better fish just didn't seem to be around , a bit frustrating really . As the wind got up i retreated to the Jetty (slipway) set up the lrf with a drop shot and some isome , where the coal fish were quick to jump on the baits . Lindsay hooked into a wrasse briefly Brian meanwhile took the opportunity to do a little photography . But that was our lot , the fishing could only get better, so it was back to the caravan for some food and to watch the rugby world cup.

On day two we decided to try somewhere different , the winds westerlies dictated that we were best staying in the same side of the island we were the day previous. so we decided to try Kilmaluag, but on the approach the lack of parking made us a bit uneasy , across the bay we noticed some cars parked in what looked like a car park so we headed round to there this was a mark called Aird.

After walking through umpteen fields we finally arrived at the mark.
 I disappeared down one side expecting the others to follow , but after a few Pollock to my lrf rod , I went to see where they were , then i saw Brian and Lindsay at the foot of a cliff, so i went and joined them , they were both getting some sport with the Pollock , Brian was on the fly gear Lindsay was spinning, and Brian had just lost a decent fish. With the lack of casting room i decided  to find my own spot , must be said it wasn't a easy climb down with all the gear and it was more difficult on the way up wouldn't do it again to be honest  a bit dodgy. Sport for me was initially slow Brian and Lindsay to the right of me much more regularly hooking up , but as the tide continued to flood my area began to wake up . Pink clousers seemed to be the fly of preference .

 It was great sport and finally i connected with something a bit heftier.

shortly after a few more Pollock the continual swearing out bursts of Lindsay who had been bust by yet another Pollock on the lrf gear , we decided to call it another day.

Kilmaluag bay
Hopefully the winds in the same direction next year as this spots got loads of potential.

On day 3 and our final day fishing we went to familiar ground , loch Poolteil. Here we met a couple of anglers we met the day before in the car park at Aird, but they didn't hang around. Starting from the rocks of the front we started to get the odd bite the culprits were mainly poor cod and small Pollock and coal fish. Where were the wrasse though well eventually Brian found a few.

 I was glad to see some wrasse and eventually connected with a few of my own. Brian disappeared to get the fly rod leaving me and Lindsay to stick it out with the wrasse, i then got itchy feet and joined him. Brian was doing rather well with the Pollock  he'd had around half a dozen before i started  .

A good stamp 

Whilst fishing away we heard Lindsay with another outburst . Wasn't sure what had happened , but turned out he had caught a nice female cuckoo on a  Texas rigged isome worm.

We only learnt of his capture when he came and joined us . Fishing a Texas rigged glittery eel he managed to get a few Pollock too.

my new  5.9m net handle proved  an excellent purchase  for this trip

whilst the Pollock action was going on  i had a shot for some wrasse just below our feet and found a wee hot spot no sooner had the bait dropped down the familiar tap tap followed by a bent rod rod had me reeling in a succession of small wrasse.

wrasse on gulp angleworm
That really sums up our trip to skye 2015 . really enjoyed it, but next time think well hit it mid summer.